Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sorry to be posting about plastics again, but found some helpful solutions for you all.

Found a great inexpensive way to help rid home of plastics. Lets start with spices. Since most spices are in plastics and many are in containers that are one of the "unsafe" numbers ( see prior post) , we purchased baby food jars at a discount store for .30 each (applesauce-so they will not go to waste) and they just need to be washed,labels removed and re-labeled and the spices transferred. These make great spice jars!

Now for storing food. Canning jars! I use the small ones for storing leftovers like potatoes, veggies, etc. and am planning on using those to send food to school from now on. Yes, the kids containers are the "unsafe" plastics so those have to go straight in the garbage. The large canning jars are great to store soups.

As I come across more inexpensive ideas I will share. If anyone has anything else to add, please feel free.

Oh..another "bad" plastic my daughter found today is a shocker..Vaseline...she uses it for chapped more!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cancer Causing Plastics!

We get a homeopathic magazine and when we received it this month it had a very interesting article. It talked about how to tell which containers are safe and which ones are not. My 6 year old daughter took an interest (she really never liked toys) and decided to do a project for school. She went through our house and what she found could be a great expose' on a major news channel! Here's a small recap:

Containers with a 1 or 2 on the bottom are safest- she found: some plastic storage containers, Windex, Murphy's oil spray, salad dressing, several spice containers, face wash, cetaphil hand cream , juicy juice, great value apple cider vinegar.

Containers with a 4 or 5 on the bottom-generally safe but should be used sparingly and never be microwaved-smart balance, several McCormick spices, and several plastic storage containers (which I am sure are heated in the microwave all the time!)

Containers with a 3, 6, or 7 AVOID AT ALL COSTS! She found: GERBER JUICE CUP AND GERBER BOWL (Yes, you are reading this correctly), Kirkland olive oil, spice classic (many different assorted spices) and plastic cups sold at walmart used in the bathroom.


Of course with my new knowledge, I am headed to the store and am going to replace all plastic containers with glass, even all the spices. Think about how long your spices sit in those plastics and the chemicals are just leaching slowly into the food! Even the olive oil has to be put in a glass jar after it is brought home. More work for me, but if it will keep us healthy it is worth it!

If anyone has anything else to add, please share.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Am I Crazy?

I have been thinking about this for a while now, and today I finally took the plunge. I purchased a pair of Roller Blades. Mind you I just turned 40 and have not been skating for over 20 years. The last time I did go skating was with my best friend Cindy 20+ years ago. I lost balance and knocked her to the floor. She almost lost a tooth. Hopefully, this time around I will have better luck. I tried them on in the store and managed a few steps without knocking something over or falling to the floor making a total fool of myself. That is a good start. Wish me Luck!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ambitious as Ever!

I have become very ambitious the year. Lots of new things are popping up at Corn Bag Critters. In the Pet Corner, I have added the kitty cozy and small dog, all you large dog owners...yours will be here in a week. Ella and Elton the Elephants are almost finished. I had to change the fabric as I was not happy with what was initially chosen. Look for them soon. I am also adding, but still working out the details; a large back heat therapy bag which gives you full back heat therapy. This size is also great to pop in the bed a few minutes before you crawl in so the sheets are warm. The shoulder/neck and the shoulder wrap heat therapy corn bags are doing very well, in fact so well that I had to add more of a fabric selection. Since chenille seems to be a favorite, I have added the 8" round in all colors. Last, but not least, I have added a grab bag. Since I am always adding new fabrics, I thought the perfect way to sell the discontinued fabrics is to have a clearance section. You pick the size and gender, we pick the fabric, you save a bundle!

I have started another blog as well; Recycled Fashion on A Dime. I am a huge fan of thrift and consignment stores. I love getting a deal and wanted to share my fabulous finds with everyone. If you have a minute, mozy on over and check it out. I am going to posting pics of all the great deals that I find.

Well, off to relax and read before bed.


Monday, January 4, 2010


For all those that have requested International is finally here! Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Personally, I could not wait to leave 2009 behind, well... lets include the entire decade in that...what a mess it was. Hopefully this one is better...the year and the decade. I have made quite a few resolutions and this year I am going to stick to it...alas..that is why I am putting them in front of the world to see. Kind of hard to ignore when it is out there for millions to read! Oh..and they are in random order.

1. Make new friends! That one I really have to work on. I think the old ones are getting tired of me and my dysfunctional life! I did meet someone this past year that I wish was always a part of my life. She is really positive and a good person. She is surrounded by chaos, but never complains. I need to find more friends like her. I need to surround myself with positive and fun people! Goal number one!!!!

2. Stop whining! Thank you Dr. Laura! I realize no one wants to hear about any of my problems so I am just going to stop talking and focus on the positive things that I want to do in the future. I am also going to find friends that do the same!

3. Be thankful for the blessings that I have and not focus on what I do not have.

4. Walk more! Too many cookies, ice cream, chips..the list goes on and on. I cannot walk up a set of stairs without feeling like I have climbed Mount Everest. Since I just turned 40..that is a MUST goal. I am ordering the MBT tone up sneakers..suppose to tone your legs, thighs, and all those places that the cellulite seems to go to!

5. Expand my line...I have a some exciting ideas for Corn Bag Critters that I have to follow through with early on this year.

6. Volunteer. My daughter is at the right age to learn about compassion. I want to find something the two of us can do together to help others.

7. Go to church more. I have slacked off recently and I know that is something that I need in my life and is good for the children.

Wish me luck...I will keep you all updated.

Wishing everyone peace, joy and happiness in this New Year!