Monday, June 1, 2009


I have really been slacking off writing on my blog, as the last post was March 15th! Well, what is new. Ella and Elton the Elephants are coming soon. Just working on some final details. Very cute I would have to say! Also, should have the "milk buds" due here any day. I have some really pretty fabrics coming.

On a personal note, just waiting for the summer to begin. Found a really great author-Alice Lipman-and am really enjoying reading her books. They are very insightful and great summer reads. Am in the process of changing my hair color-I need to make some changes and this is a good one. I am slowly changing from blond to red. My children really want me to have the bright red/orange color, but that is too drastic for me. be a kid again, no worries about self, hair color, clothing (well sometimes!). I am loving wearing flip flops and am enjoying the warmer weather. I really should be living near the beach. What a great life that would be! Somehow the ocean has a really calming effect. Ohhhh..I can dream!